0500 Series Index

Lessons in Hawaiian Spelling, Numbers, and Telling Time

Start with the lower numbers and work your way up. It is highly recommended that before starting this series, you have seen the 0400 series videos about the pronunciation of Hawaiian language words.

You should start with the videos, which are each labeled with a V identifier after the four-number topic code (e.g., 0501V Spelling Hawaiian Words in Hawaiian)

0501V Spelling Hawaiian Words in Hawaiian
Learn how to properly spell out Hawaiian words using the Hawaiian alphabet and reading techniques.
0502V Hawaiian Number Basics: From 1 to 100
Learn about the basics of Hawaiian numbers and how to count from 1 to 100.
0502-Q1 Numbers Quiz: Matching 0-10
Match numbers between zero and ten in Hawaiian and English in this short quiz (with randomized questions).
0502E Thoughts on the Number Twenty
What is 20 in Hawaiian? Where did the Hawaiian term “iwakālua” (meaning “20 / twenty”) come from? Read this item to learn more about this word.
0503V Traditional Hawaiian Number Groups
Learn about the traditional Hawaiian base-4 number system used to group objects.
0504V Numbers Zero and One, Quantity and Question
Learn how to use the numbers zero and one in Hawaiian, both as indicators of the plain numbers (zero and one) and quantity (none and one). Also learn the word “ʻehia” to ask “how many?”
0505V Hawaiian Number Prefixes #1: ʻA-, ʻE-
Learn about the difference between the two common prefixes used before numbers in the Hawaiian language (ʻe- and ʻa-).
0506V Using Numbers #1
Explore Hawaiian numbers and number basics, with the use of numbers as determiners and adjectives (kaʻi and kāhulu). In English these would be cardinal and ordinal numbers.
0514G Telling Time On The Hour
Learn how to tell the time in Hawaiian in this introductory lesson on the topic.
0515G Time on the Half Hour
Learn how to tell the time on the half hour in this next lesson in the series on telling time in Hawaiian.
0516G Time on the Quarter Hour
Learn how to tell the time in Hawaiian on the quarter hour. A quarter to and a quarter past the hour.