0505V Hawaiian Number Prefixes #1: ʻA-, ʻE-

Using ʻA- and ʻE- as Number Prefixes

This was a fun 22 minute video to make! It's all about the prefixes ʻa- and ʻe- used with numbers. I hope you enjoy it!

Before starting this video, you should know how to count to 10 at least; if you need to, go and catch the videos you may have missed in the 0500 Series about Hawaiian numbers first.


These two prefixes ʻa- and ʻe- are used before the number base words from one (1) to nine (9) only. Although they are both very similar and can probably be used in place of each other from a technical standpoint, there are certain things that use only ʻa- or ʻe- commonly. An example of ʻa- is the days of the week in Hawaiian, (Pōʻakahi, Pōʻalua, etc) which you will learn in this video. An example of ʻe- would be when giving out phone numbers, although it is also common to leave off the prefix also, as mentioned in 0504V Numbers Zero and One, Quantity and Question.

Numbers From One To Nine

# Base Number ʻE- Prefixed ʻA- Prefixed
1 kahi ʻekahi ʻakahi
2 lua ʻelua ʻalua
3 kolu ʻekolu ʻakolu
4 ʻehā ʻahā
5 lima ʻelima ʻalima
6 ono ʻeono ʻaono
7 hiku ʻehiku ʻahiku
8 walu ʻewalu ʻawalu
9 iwa ʻeiwa ʻaiwa

Next Steps

Now get out your notepad and take this lesson! The outline is shown below so you have an idea of what you will learn. If you have any feedback on this or any of the lessons or other material on ʻŌlelo Online, please don't hesitate to send your feedback!

Next up in this 0500 Numbers Series will be 0506V Using Numbers #1.

kahi, lua, kolu, ... hoʻomaka!

Video Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Counting in a series from one to nine
  3. Days of the week using the prefix ʻa-
  4. Phone numbers using number bases or with prefix ʻe-
  5. Cardinal, Ordinal, and Nominal
  6. ʻAkahi as used in mele (songs)
  7. Samples for practice
  8. Moving Along

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