0601V The Kaʻi Determiners #1: He

Kaʻi Determiners and Articles in Hawaiian


Aloha everyone! This video is about 18 minutes long and is the first one to teach you about kaʻi-type words in Hawaiian pepeke grammar. In English terms, these kaʻi are known as determiners and articles (both definite and indefinite). But I won't talk about the English grammar in these videos; I would rather introduce you directly to the first ka'i you will learn, which is he, meaning "a" or "an" in English. Then we will practice putting it to use right away!

What You Will Learn

Besides learning what a kaʻi is, will also have the chance to learn several new vocabulary words and apply your knowledge of the ka'i "he" to those new vocabulary words. You will be able to say things such as the following:

he aliʻi a chief
he ʻāpala an apple
he hale a house
he kaʻa a car
he keiki a child
he mele a song, chant, or poem
he mokupuni an island
he ʻukulele1 an ʻukulele ("a yukalaylay")


  • 1. please don't ever say that "yukalaylay" word. ;)

Extra Resources

There is a printable PDF overview which accompanies this video. Go to 0601G Kaʻi #1: Introductory Lesson Worksheet to download it.

After you have looked over the PDF, go off and practice, practice, and practice more with your own words! Following a little time practicing, you will be ready to move on to the next video: 0602V The Kaʻi Determiners #2: Ka, Ke.

me ke aloha

Video Outline

  1. Introduction to the meaning of kaʻi
  2. English examples
  3. "A" or "An" in English
  4. The kaʻi "he" (a, an) in Hawaiian
  5. Practicing with new vocabulary
  6. Some common animal names
  7. Techniques for practice

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