0605V Iʻoa Proper Nouns #1

This video will introduce you to the basics of the iʻoa class of words, which include iʻoahenua, iʻoakuhane, and iʻoapaku. Since this video is just an introduction, we will not delve into any of the precise details of those three types, but rather focus on the general characteristic of most iʻoa which will be easily recognizable to English speakers: the characteristic of being a "proper noun".

I thought the video would be short and sweet; but alas, it just turned out to be sweet!

So prepare for a 23 minute video where I explain the iʻoa, where the name came from, and how it is used in the piko and ʻawe positions in the Pepeke Henua sentence pattern (which was described in V0801, if you haven't yet seen it). Remember, the Pepeke Henua is perhaps the simplest sentence pattern containing all three parts of the Pepeke, so it's a great one to become familiar with right away. With it, you can locate anything in time or space.

The video I suggest you watch after this one is V0606 ʻAmi-type Words. Understanding these common types of words such as the kaʻi, memeʻa, papani, iʻoa, and ʻami is essential for you to grasp the 0800-series of videos about the many types of Pepeke (sentence strucures) in Hawaiian. It will be difficult, quite honestly, to learn to speak and think in Hawaiian as second-lanugage learners unless you can think of the structure in Hawaiian terms; conversely, processing the language in your brain and heart will be easier if you can leave the restraints of English grammar. If we were all children with no other language already dominant in our minds and immersed in the language on a daily basis, well of course we wouldn't have to really care much for Mr. Pepeke and all the trappings that go along with him. But alas, I digress.

To be in sync with this video, you should already know what a kaʻi is (explained in V0601 The Kaʻi, Part I) and what a memeʻa is (explained in V0604 Memeʻa-type words). Also, you should be familiar with both the idea of a Pepeke, and with Pepeke Henua specifically.

aloha nui, Kaliko.

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