Iʻoa Proper Nouns #1

Learn About Proper Nouns In Hawaiian — Video Lesson 0605V


This video will introduce you to the basics of the iʻoa class of words which are names of places, people, and things, or “proper nouns” in English.

The iʻoa class of words includes what we call iʻoahenua, iʻoakuhane, and iʻoapaku. But since this video is just an introduction, we will simply focus on the general characteristics of most iʻoa and how to use them in both the piko and ʻawe positions in simple sentences, with Pepeke Henua locational phrases as our framework.

Level Check

To be able to follow this video, you should already have learned the material in the following lessons:

You should also be familiar with both the idea of a Pepeke

About The Video

In this 23 minute video, I will explain the iʻoa, where the name came from, and how they are used in the piko and ʻawe positions in the Pepeke Henua sentence pattern. Remember, the Pepeke Henua is perhaps the simplest sentence pattern containing all three parts of the Pepeke, so it’s a great one to become familiar with right away. With it, you can locate anything in time or space.

I thought the video would be short and sweet; but alas, it just turned out to be sweet!

Next Steps

The video I suggest you watch after this one is 0606V ʻAmi Particles #1: “i” and “ma”.

Understanding all these common types of words such as the kaʻi, memeʻa, papani, iʻoa, and ʻami is essential for you to grasp how to put short expressions, longer sentences, or even complete songs together for yourself using any vocabulary that you may already know or that you may find in a dictionary or elsewhere.

So make sure you practice using iʻoa first, and then head off and watch 0606V ʻAmi Particles #1: “i” and “ma” to learn about ʻami words. After that, you will be ready to get into more sentence patterns in the rest of the 0800 Series of lessons.

Those pepeke (phrase or sentence patterns) that you will learn in the 0800 Series will allow you to think of Hawaiian sentence structure in Hawaiian terms. I am looking forward to you being able to make sentences and record yourself speaking and then sending me some of your work when you get a little more advanced!

me ke aloha a me ka hauʻoli
(with compassion, love, and happiness)
– Kaliko

Video Outline

  1. Saying the name “iʻoa”
  2. Iʻoa are a class of words
  3. Comparison with English “proper nouns”
  4. Some Examples
  5. About the name “iʻoa”
  6. Iʻoa as used in Pepeke Henua locational phrases
  7. Used in the piko
  8. Used in the ʻawe
  9. Review
  10. Next Up

Length: 23 minutes

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