ʻAmi Particles #2: me, i, iā

Learn How To Use me, i, and in Pepeke Henua — Video Lesson 0607V


These two videos will continue on from where 0606V ʻAmi Particles #1: i, ma left off and show you how to use the ʻami “i” and “iā” inside Pepeke Henua to show that something has temporary possession of something (as in “The mother has the child” which in Hawaiian thinking is “The child is located with the mother” using Pepeke Henua).

About The Videos

Well, I finally did it: an instructional session so long I had to break the video into two segments! Originally about 45 minutes in length, this session now comes in two videos, each about 22 minutes long. I really do try not to make these videos so long, but sometimes I just get so excited about the topic, time runs right past me!

The videos in this lesson also show you how to use the ʻami “me” to mean “together with” (as in “The mother is with the child” or “The mother is together with the child”).

We will continue to explore more ʻami in later videos and use them in other Pepeke structures, but for now we will use our familiar Pepeke Henua as a platform upon which to stand as we learn these new ʻami words, which are so very critical to clear and well-spoken Hawaiian.

How To Use This Lesson

There are some new vocabulary words for you in this video, so you can try these new ʻami in new contexts. Make sure you have your pen and paper ready to take notes!

Furthermore, you should pause the video from time to time and try to replicate the sentences I am creating. In fact, you might watch a five or ten minute segment, take a break to work on the sentences, and then come back the next day and continue right on!

This is the beauty of online instruction. Imagine being able to press “pause” on your instructor or teacher when you were in school! Wouldn’t that have been fun! Maybe some of you wouldn’t have un-paused, I’ll bet.

Next Steps

After this video is done, you should do the very first of the Exercise series: 0801P Practice using i/ma, me, and i/iā in Pepeke Henua.

The video next up in the 0600 series is V0608V The Kaʻi Determiners #4: kēlā, kēnā, kēia which will be video four in the kaʻi series, and will explain some very useful kaʻi: this-near-me, that-over-there, and that-by-you.

Video Outline

  1. Review of 0606V: “I” and “ma” in Pepeke Henua
  2. New ʻami: “me” (together with)
  3. New ʻami: “iā” (something temporarily with someone)
  4. Some new vocabulary – He mau huaʻōlelo hou
  5. Review
  6. Exercise 0801P: ʻami in the Pepeke Henua
  7. Next Video: 0802V Pepeke Henua, Part 2 (something is somewhen)

Length: 22 + 22 minutes

Video, Part One

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Video, Part Two

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