0608V The Kaʻi Determiners #4: kēlā, kēnā, kēia

The Kaʻi Determiners, Part Four: This and That (kēlā, kēnā, kēia)

Video 0608 is Part IV of the Kaʻi Series. It is about 13 minutes long. In it, you will learn the kaʻi for "this" and "that".

There are only two kaʻi that we use in English, namely "this" and "that". But in Hawaiian, there are three:

  • that (far away, or at least not right near either of us);
  • that (near or connected to you); and
  • this (right here where I am).

Take note of the order in which English and Hawaiian speakers tend to use these particular kaʻi. In Hawaiian, we want to say "I took that and this with me" rather than "I took this and that with me." What a cool cultural difference!

Make sure you already know what a kaʻi is. If you don't, then you should start at video 0601 and work your way through to at least 0603 before jumping up to this one. Next up in this series will be V0609 Ka'i, Part V: Possessive Ka'i, which will explain the first three basic possessive ka'i: mine, yours, and his/hers.

"He mau hana nanea loa kēia!"
naʻu, na Kaliko.

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