0702V Papani Pronouns #1: Au, ʻOe, ʻO ia

Learning The Basics About Hawaiian Pronouns

Many students of Hawaiian language encounter trouble when first introduced to Hawaiian pronouns, since they differ somewhat from English language pronouns. That is not to say that Hawaiian pronouns are actually harder to learn than English pronouns; in fact the contrary is true if you consider having to learn English pronouns for the first time, especially as a second-language speaker of English. (For more discussion on the large number of English pronouns, see this excellent article in Wikipedia.)

There are 11 pronouns to learn in Hawaiian. This lesson is the first of a set that will introduce you to all 11. We will start with the singular pronouns "me", "you", "he" and "she", since they are perhaps the easiest.

The trouble that I mentioned in the first paragraph occurs when having to consider what we could describe as "inclusive" versus "exclusive" papani. So after you are done with this video, go on to the second video in this series, V0703, which will explain the concept. For now, let's get started with V0702: the links are below. Enjoy!

Video outline:

  1. Papani are pronouns
  2. There are 11 papani in Hawaiian
  3. These are the 3 easiest
  4. Au, ʻoe: me and you
  5. ʻO ia: he or she (does not mean "it")
  6. Review
  7. Practice Haʻawina H0702
  8. Next up

aloha nui

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