1400 Series Index

This archive of videos and lesson notes comes from the ʻŌlelo Online Virtual Classroom. Each item is an analysis of the lyrics of a song for Hawaiian language learners, along with discussion about the composer and the interpretation of the poetry behind the song.

By looking at each mele line-by-line, we uncover some of the patterns of Hawaiian language common to not only Hawaiian poetry, but also daily conversation. Thus we can use the mele to help us learn Hawaiian!

The notes which accompany each item are taken from the video, so it is important to be able to watch the video and go over the notes at the same time. Print the notes out first, and then make your own “sidebar notes” as the video plays.

Unlike other lessons on ʻŌlelo Online which build in difficulty from the lower numbers to higher, the items in this series can be picked at random and you will be guaranteed to learn lots each time!

Lessons in this Series

1401M "Puamana"
Learn Hawaiian through analysis of the lyrics of this famous song by Charles Farden and his daughter Irmgard Farden ʻĀluli, written for their home Puamana in Lahaina, Maui, in 1937.