0403P Pronunciation Practice: ʻOkina

Find out what a glottal stop is and how it is used in Hawaiian language as an ʻokina. Learn the rules of its use, learn how to write it, and practice pronunciation while listening to examples.

0402P Pronunciation Practice: Kahakō

Practice distinguishing similar pairs of words, some with macrons and some without, in Hawaiian language by listening to and repeating the audio examples provided.

Pronunciation Practice: Vowels

Practice distinguishing similar sounds and difficult diphthong vowel glides in Hawaiian language by listening to and repeating the audio examples provided.

0801P Pepeke Henua Practice #2

Translate English sentences into Hawaiian using Pepeke Henua and the extended vocabulary provided. Answers are provided. Use the vocabulary and explanation of the “poʻo-piko-ʻawe” structure explained in V0801.

ʻAilāʻau The Forest Eater

This lesson follows H0901: Practice Describing Things, so be sure you have done that one first. Read and enjoy a brief story about ʻAilāʻau. Then create your own kaʻi + memeʻa + kāhulu structures that match elements in the story using the vocabulary provided.

0901P Practice Describing Things #1

This homework assignment will allow you to learn and practice the correct order of kaʻi + memeʻa + kāhulu. If you do not know what those three things are, then you should watch the first four videos in the 0600 Series.

0801P Pepeke Henua Practice #1

Using this video, you will practice Pepeke Henua sentences that I give you to write down. You will also have to make up sentences of your own after being given vocabulary words. Many of the pictures in the video are variations of those presented in the instructional videos.