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All of the lessons on ʻŌlelo Online are shown below organized by Category. Start with the lowest numbers in each Category and work your way up. I would recommend starting with a video relating to your topic of interest and then move along from there.

If you wish to see all of the available lessons organized according to the Series in which they occur (i.e, pronunciation, telling time, sentence patterns, and so on) please see the Coursework by Series listing.

All of these lessons are linked to each other, so once you get into a lesson, it should be easy to move around between the related assets such as practice items, audio files, quizzes, and so on. If you wish to understand a little more about how content is organized on ʻŌlelo Online and how to best use it in your studies, please see the Study Help.

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E nanea nui! Have lots of fun!

Kumu Kaliko

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