ʻŌlelo Online Class Sampler

See What Classes Are Like

Shown below are some examples of the classes from the ʻŌlelo Online Virtual Classroom taught by kumu Kaliko Beamer-Trapp

You can use this to get an idea of the kinds of things we do in class and what level of Hawaiian is targeted.

Kumu Kaliko chooses an overarching theme for each eight-week Session which then influences the type of instruction and the student experience: storytelling, analysis, discussion, sentence creation, grammar, listening practice, and more.

The following samples were taken from a Session focusing on reading and understanding traditional stories, accounts, and newspaper articles originally recorded in the 1800s.

Class CH1A – Absolute Beginner Hawaiian Language

This was class number six in the eight-week Session in which the concept of “kāhulu” (modifiers) was introduced.

CH1A from November 29, 2021

Class CH2A – Level 2A Hawaiian Language

In this CH2A class, we talked about the sixth installment of one of the stories of ʻAiʻai, a famous chief from the ancient past.

CH2A from November 29, 2021

Class CH2B – Level 2B Hawaiian Language

In this CH2B-level class, we started looking at a newspaper advertisement-letter from 1856 about huge piles of salt at Keālia, Maui, with the writer asking if anyone would like to buy it and perhaps resell it for a profit elsewhere.

CH2B from December 7, 2021

Class CH3A – Level 3A Hawaiian Language

This is an example of a CH3A class in which we went over installment number five of the ancient Hawaiian language account of the arrival of Captain Cook in Hawaiʻi in 1778.

CH3A from November 17, 2021

Class CH3B – Level 3B Hawaiian Language

This was class number four in the eight-week Session in which we went over installment number four of the legendary story of ʻIwa, the young thief famous for his exploits working for himself, for high chief ʻUmi, and for anyone who would take his services. He was excellent at double-crossing everyone.

CH3B from November 11, 2021

Class CH4A – Level 4A Hawaiian Language

In this sample from CH4A, we went over installment number three of of a very silly story printed in the Hawaiian newspapers of the mid-1800s about a lad named Keaka Pepa (lit., “Jack Paper” or “Jack Card”, possibly referring to a playing card) who meets up with a magical cow and recounts their journey together through thick and thin.

CH4A from November 3, 2021

Class MH1 (Papa Mele) Hawaiian Song Analysis

In the Papa Mele shown below, we looked into the two Hawaiian mele (songs) written by famous composer Helen Desha Beamer, adoptive great-grandmother of your teacher Kaliko Beamer-Trapp through his hānai mother, Aunty Nona Beamer. One song was “Kawohikūkapulani” and the other was “Pua Malihini”.

Papa Mele MH1 from October 19, 2021

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