0602G Kaʻi #2 Lesson Worksheet

Continue to learn more kaʻi in Hawaiian and kaʻi + memeʻa sequences; practice with a set of examples in a PDF worksheet.

0699R Hawaiian Parts of Speech

Look up the terms we use when talking about Hawaiian grammar and learn about their functions. Compare common English parts of speech and their approximate Hawaiian equivalents.

0802V Pepeke Henua Locational Sentences #2

Locational Sentences continued: “Something is Somewhen” There’s a new 16-minute kid in town … and it’s video V0802: Pepeke Henua, Part Two: Something is Somewhen! One of the great things about Pepeke Henua is its flexibility. We can use it to say “something is somewhere” (V0801 Pepeke Henua, Part I) and also that someone has…

0801V Pepeke Henua Locational Sentences #1

The Pepeke Henua allows us to express the idea that “something is somewhere”, either in time or space (place). This video will introduce the use of Pepeke Henua to locate something in space (place).

0605V Iʻoa Proper Nouns #1

This 23 minute video lesson introduces a very important type of word: the iʻoa. It is roughly equivalent to a proper noun in English. You will also be ready after this video to go to the first of the 0800 series of videos to learn your first sentence pattern.