Visitor Maps

Thanks to all of you who are interested in learning Hawaiian, from all around the globe! The map shown below is generated by counting the incoming users of ʻŌlelo Online over the past 30 days. The red dots indicate incoming connections.

To apply filters by location or change the date range, please click the “Visitor Map Viewer” link below the map. I recommend using the black version of the maps, since the red dots show up better in them than in the brown maps.

One caveat about the data shown in these maps is that I believe almost all of the dots in Russia (both in the west and along the southern border) and Eastern Europe, are from hackers trying to get into ʻŌlelo Online! Hackers use “bot nets” of compromised computers to try to find and exploit weak websites all around the internet. I have logs full of literally thousands of login attempts as well as attempts to access any possible flaws in the “backend” of the website, mostly from Russia and Eastern Europe. I have also seen a fair number of compromised PCs trying to connect from Asia and the United States and even some right here in Hawaiʻi nei! So even though it would be nice to imagine that many people in all those far-flung parts of the world are interested in Hawaiian language, I think we may not be so lucky.



(Nov 17th 2019: Sorry everyone, I had to temporarily remove the map feature to troubleshoot an issue it seems to be causing. I hope to get it back up and running as soon as possible. Aloha! ~kumu Kaliko)

Pane mai

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