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Basic Kāhulu (modifiying words and phrases)

This set of lessons will teach you all about kāhulu which is the use of words or phrases to “modify” a preceeding word or phrase. They are very powerful and important in Hawaiian, and are equivalent in some respects to many English language structures including adjectives and adverbs, adjectival and adverbial phrases and clauses, and dependent and independent clauses. After all that, doesn’t the single term “kāhulu” sound friendlier and easier to get started with?!

So get started learning about kāhulu by starting with the lower numbers and working your way up.

0901P Practice Describing Things #1
This homework assignment will allow you to learn and practice the correct order of kaʻi + memeʻa + kāhulu. If you do not know what those three things are, then you should watch the first four videos in the 0600 Series.
0902P ʻAilāʻau The Forest Eater
This lesson follows H0901: Practice Describing Things, so be sure you have done that one first. Read and enjoy a brief story about ʻAilāʻau. Then create your own kaʻi + memeʻa + kāhulu structures that match elements in the story using the vocabulary provided.
0902-Q1 Vocabulary Quiz #1 for ʻAilāʻau Story
Take a quick 12 question quiz to test your ability to remember some of the main vocabulary words in the story of ‘Ailå’au, The Forest Eater.