3401B He Moʻolelo Pōkole: Introduction

This section includes excerpts from “He Moʻolelo Pōkole” (abbreviated title*) written by James W. L. McGuire about the journey of Queen Consort Kapiʻolani (1834-1899) and her sister-in-law, Princess Liliʻuokalani (1838-1917), to England in the year 1887 for the 50th Jubilee celebrations honoring Queen Victoria (1819-1901). James McGuire played an important role in the journey of Kapiʻolani and Liliʻuokalani: he was their personal attendant.

The book was written originally without the macrons or glottal-stop markings that we commonly use today to help students of Hawaiian to pronounce the words correctly; I have therefore added them to these PDFs.

Note, however, that although the macrons and glottal-stops were not written on the page in the original book, they were of course pronounced when spoken or read!

Eventually, much of McGuire’s excellent book will be up here in this area. Enjoy! Aloha and thanks to Mr. James McGuire for his wonderful words.

Queen Consort Kapiʻolani PhotoPrincess Liliʻuokalani PhotoQueen Victoria Photo
Kapiʻolani in 1877Liliʻuokalani in 1890Victoria in 1882
the signature of James McGuire

*The full name of McGuire’s 1938 publication is “He Moolelo Pokole o ka Huakaihele a ka Moiwahine Kapiolani i Enelani i ka Makahiki 1887 i ka Iubile o ka Moiwahine Vitoria o Beretania Nui” meaning “A short chronicle of the journey of Queen Kapiʻolani to England in the year 1887 for the jubilee of Queen Victoria of Great Britain.” Now you know why I used the abbreviated version above!

Pane mai

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