Voice Recording Submissions

Virtual Classroom Voice Recordings

This page is for use by students in the live Zoom-based “ʻŌlelo Online Virtual Classroom” classes. Use the widget below to record and submit any readings and/or speeches for your homework assignments.

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Use The Recording Widget

You can use a Mac, Windows PC, iPad or other tablet, or even your iPhone or Android-based phone to record your voice here. Just make sure that when you are recording, you see the seconds timer advancing and the little waveform wiggling above the “Stop” and “Reset” buttons.

If you don’t see the waveform moving when recording, then press “Stop” and make sure you have your microphone input set properly on your device. Use the “Reset” button to start again.

When you are done recording (or testing the system for yourself), you can press the grey triangular playback button to listen to what you did. If you are satisfied, then please fill in your name and email address and press “Submit”.

Identify Your Class and Assignment

At the start of your recording, please state the assignment name and what class you are in. This will help us tremendously to keep these recordings in order. The class names are listed below to jog your memory:

  • CH1 “Absolute Beginner”
  • CH2A
  • CH2B
  • CH3A
  • CH3B
  • CH4
  • Hoʻomaʻamaʻa me Leiloke
  • Hoʻomaʻamaʻa me Kailin
  • Papa Makua Kūlaniākea
  • Papa Mele MH1