Current Session Calendar

Session 202310
October 23 to December 15, 2023

The October into December 2023 eight-week Ssession started Monday October 23rd and ends Friday December 15th. Each class happens once a week and all classes are an hour long. There are no scheduled breaks this Session.

Class Schedule / Timetable

Important Dates & Scheduled Breaks
October 23Start of Session 202310
December 15End of Session 202310
Class Timetable For Session 202310
Day Time Code Course Name
MON 12 PM HST CH1A-S1 Absolute Beginner 1A
  1 PM HST CH1B-S1 Beginner 1B, Section 1
  2 PM HST CH1A-S2 Absolute Beginner 1A
  4 PM HST CH1B-S2 Beginner 1B, Section 2
  5:30 PM HST CH1B-PM Beginner 1B, Papa Makua
TUE 12 PM HST CH2A-S1 Hawaiian 2A, Section 1
  1 PM HST CH2B-S1 Hawaiian 2B, Section 1
  2 PM HST CH2A-S2 Hawaiian 2A, Section 2
  4 PM HST CH2B-S2 Hawaiian 2B, Section 2
  5:30 PM HST CH2A-S3 Hawaiian 2A, Section 3
WED 11 AM HST CH3A-S1 Hawaiian 3A, Section 1
  1 PM HST CH3B-S1 Hawaiian 3B, Section 1
  2 PM HST CH3A-S2 Hawaiian 3A, Section 2
  4 PM HST CH3B-S2 Hawaiian 3B, Section 2
  5:15 – 6:30 KHUOK Papa Māheleʻōlelo 2023
THUR 11 AM HST MH1-S1 Papa Mele, Section 1
  1 PM HST CH4A Hawaiian Level 4A
  2 PM HST CH4B Hawaiian Level 4B
  4 PM HST MH1-S2 Papa Mele, Section 2
FRI 12 PM HST HM1B Hoʻomaʻamaʻa, Level 1B
  1 PM HST HM2 Hoʻomaʻamaʻa, Level 2
  2:30 PM HST HM3 Hoʻomaʻamaʻa, Level 3

Clocks For Various Timezones

Time Conversion Table
(NOV 5, 2023, to MAR 10, 2024)

11 AM1 PM3 PM4 PM9 PM
12 PM2 PM4 PM5 PM10 PM
1 PM3 PM5 PM6 PM11 PM
2 PM4 PM6 PM7 PM12 AM
3 PM5 PM7 PM8 PM1 AM
4 PM6 PM8 PM9 PM2 AM
5 PM7 PM9 PM10 PM3 AM

Time changed for many places in the world on November 5th, 2023.
Hawaiʻi time (HST) did not change.

More information can be found on the Virtual Classroom homepage.