Current Session Calendar

Session 202305: May 29 to July 28, 2023

The May through July 2023 eight-week session starts Monday May 29th and ends Friday July 28th. Each class happens once a week and all classes are an hour long. There is a one-week break in the middle of June while kumu Kaliko is on Oʻahu.

Class Schedule / Timetable

Important Dates & Scheduled Breaks
March 13Start of Session 202303
March 27 – 31Break Week (Kaliko at Aloha Music Camp)
May 12End of Session 202303
May 29Start of Session 202305
June 19 – 23Break Week (Kaliko on Oʻahu)
July 28End of Session 202305
Class Timetable
Day Time Code Course Name
MON 11 AM HST CH2A-S1 Hawaiian 2A, Section 1
  1 PM HST CH1A-S1 Absolute Beginner 1A
  3 PM HST CH1B-S1 Beginner 1B, Section 1
  4 PM HST CH1B-S2 Beginner 1B, Section 2
  5 PM HST CH2A-S2 Hawaiian 2A, Section 2
TUE 1 PM HST CH2B-S1 Hawaiian 2B, Section 1
  3 PM HST CH2A-S3 Hawaiian 2A, Section 3
  4 PM HST CH2B-S2 Hawaiian 2B, Section 2
WED 11 AM HST CH3A-S1 Hawaiian 3A, Section 1
  1 PM HST CH4A Hawaiian Level 4A
  2 PM HST CH4B Hawaiian Level 4B
  4 PM HST CH3A-S2 Hawaiian 3A, Section 2
THUR 1 PM HST MH1-S1 Papa Mele, Section 1
  3 PM HST CH3B Hawaiian Level 3B
  5 PM HST MH1-S2 Papa Mele, Section 2
FRI 1 PM HST HM2 Hoʻomaʻamaʻa, Level 2
NEW TIME 2:30 PM HST HM3 Hoʻomaʻamaʻa, Level 3
  5 PM HST CH1B-PM Beginner 1B, Papa Makua
Time Conversion Table (MARCH to NOVEMBER )
12 PM35610
257812 AM

The next time change will be on the first Sunday in November. Hawaiʻi time will not change.

Time Conversion Table (NOVEMBER to MARCH)
12 PM2459
246711 PM
357812 AM
46891 AM

There will be a time change for many places on Earth on the morning of March 12th. If you are in a time zone that changes, please note that your class will start an hour later each week. Hawaiʻi time will not change.