Topics Hawaiian Instant Immersion CD Text PDFs

Here are the PDFs for the Topics Instant Immersion Audio discs I made many years ago.

When I was approached by Topics Entertainment to make a Hawaiian "Instant Immersion" series —I think that was late 2002—, I asked them to please make a set of texts available to the listeners, thinking that, of course, it would be most helpful in trying to understand what was going on! Nevertheless, Topics said firmly, "No way," and that was the end of that. I asked if we could make a guide book together for the series. Again, "No way." Their feeling was that listeners would learn as children do: by listening and repeating.

So I went ahead anyway and made the texts myself and put them on my old website, After that site went down, so did the files, and I know it’s been many years since people have had access to them. I actually lost the PDFs for several years, and it was only a few months back that I found them again on an old unused hard drive.

So please accept my apologies for the long absense. For now, here are the texts in PDF form, the way I last updated them in 2007. I intend to have them all as plain HTML (web pages) in the future so you can search them better. That will happen over time. There are more interesting and interactive projects I am working on for you on ʻŌlelo Online, which are taking precedence.

I hope the PDFs are accurate. If you find any mistakes or unclear areas while you go through the lessons, please let me know using the contact form so I can fix them. Mahalo nui!

Disc One

Disc Two: Hawaiʻi Island

Disc Three: Maui Island

Disc Four: Oʻahu Island

Disc Five: Kauaʻi Island

Disc Six: Molokaʻi Island

Disc Seven: Lānaʻi Island

Disc Eight

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