Review of Expressions from Disc Two to Seven

Disc 8, Part 1: Review of Expressions Learned in Chapters 2 through 7 No Hawaiʻi mai – From Hawaiʻi I kēia manawa, e huakaʻi ana kākou – At this time, let us all take a tripI kekahi manawa, e makemake ana nā keiki – At times, the children will want it (the subject “it” is…

Hoʻomaʻamaʻa “Nui”, Nonoʻa, and Iʻoahenua Combined Practice 1

Fill in the form below and send it to Kumu Kaliko to check! The meaning of “normal” and “compressed” for this form in regards to the possessives is illustrated below: ka hale o ka ʻīlio [NORMAL possessive] ko ka ʻīlio hale [COMPRESSED possessive] Hana paʻa! kumu Kaliko

Planned Coursework Outline

This is a page showing the planned general outline of courses and content available on ʻŌlelo Online. It is neither a definitive nor unchanging list and, as such, may be updated or modified by Kaliko at any time!