Virtual Classroom Registration

Registration for the OCTOBER through DECEMBER, 2022 Session

  • Session start: Mon Oct 24, 2022
  • Session end: Fri Dec 16, 2022
  • Breaks: There will be a one-week break for US Thanksgiving week during this session, from Nov 21 - 25.
  • Class times: Available classes and class times are shown in the form below.
  • Class size: Generally limited to about 18 students per class.
  • Fee: Each live Zoom 8-week session is $80.00 including tax.
  • The Zoom Meeting ID will be provided via email upon registration.

  • Gift Giving and Registration for Friends and Coworkers is now possible including sending a message to the recipient.
  • If you are from a school participating in a subsidized program to take classes here, please select the appropriate checkbox below.


Please fill out one registration per student.
Each student may take more than one class.

The fee for each class is $80. Your total will be shown below.

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