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Basic Pepeke Types and Hawaiian Sentence Diagrams

These lessons will teach you all about Hawaiian sentence diagrams and Hawaiian sentence patterns.

You should start with the lower numbers and move up, being sure to take time to really practice each type of sentence construction. Most important are the video lessons which will teach you the main concepts. If you need to review the recommendations for the best ways to use the material on the site, take a look again at the Study Help.

Be prepared to take good notes and be sure you follow (1) the reason we would want to use each particular type of structure, (2) the intonation and timing of the voice based on the way that the examples are spoken in the video, and (3) how to represent the pattern using the pepeke sentence diagrams shown in the video.

This is a very important set of lessons as you progress on your journey learning Hawaiian!

Lessons in this Series

0800V The Pepeke #1: Sentence Parts
An introduction to Hawaiian sentence patterns called “Pepeke” and sentence diagrams of Hawaiian phrases and sentences.
0801V Pepeke Henua Locational Sentences #1
The Pepeke Henua allows us to express the idea that “something is somewhere”, either in time or space (place). This video will introduce the use of Pepeke Henua to locate something in space (place).
0801P Pepeke Henua Practice #1
Using this video, you will practice Pepeke Henua sentences that I give you to write down. You will also have to make up sentences of your own after being given vocabulary words. Many of the pictures in the video are variations of those presented in the instructional videos.
0801P Pepeke Henua Practice #2
Translate English sentences into Hawaiian using Pepeke Henua and the extended vocabulary provided. Answers are provided. Use the vocabulary and explanation of the “poʻo-piko-ʻawe” structure explained in V0801.
0802V Pepeke Henua Locational Sentences #2
Watch a video continue learning about how to use Pepeke Henua locational sentences.