0802V Pepeke Henua Locational Sentences #2

Locational Sentences continued: “Something is Somewhen”

There’s a new 16-minute kid in town … and it’s video V0802: Pepeke Henua, Part Two: Something is Somewhen!

One of the great things about Pepeke Henua is its flexibility. We can use it to say “something is somewhere” (V0801 Pepeke Henua, Part I) and also that someone has possession of something (V0607 ʻAmi Particles, Part Two). Now, we will learn how to use it to say that “something is somewhen”. For example, the party is tomorrow.

So once again, Pepeke Henua would allow you to say “The party is at the house in Kailua tomorrow. Moanalani has the key.” (“Aia | ka pāʻina | ma ka hale | i Kailua | i ka lā ʻāpōpō. Aia | ke kī | iā Moanalani.”). Maikaʻi loa!

Make sure you already know what a pepeke is, and most especially what a pepeke henua is. If you don’t, then you should start at V0800 and work your way through following the suggested course of videos until arriving back at here V0802; you’ll need some of the 0600 series in there as well!

Next up in the Pepeke Henua Series will be V0803 Pepeke Henua, Part Three: Questions (not yet available), which will explain how to make Pepeke Henua into questions just by changing the intonation in your voice. No new pattern to learn! hahaha

“Aia ka mana hoʻoholomua iā ʻoukou!”
naʻu, na Kaliko.

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Pane mai

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