Following is a modified “hakalama” Hawaiian pronunciation excercise, which is based on the consonant set H, K, L, M, N, P, W, and ʻokina that you learned at the start of this disc. Mastery of this excercise will help you immensely in being able to read, write, hear, and pronounce the Hawaiian language. That said, when you have some time, write the sounds down in table-form while listening to this disc. You should listen to this enough during your studies of these discs that you can say them and write them down from memory.

You will hear each set of eight word sounds first, and then you will be given time to repeat the eight sounds. For example, when I say, “Ha ka la ma na pa wa ʻa”, you follow it by saying “ha ka la ma na pa wa ʻa” Most of the sounds in these hakalama tables are actually complete words, but some are just nonsensical soundings used for completeness in the exercises.

One last word of advice: these tables can seem long and complex. You should probably not expect to master them immediately, but rather, over an extended period of time as you study Hawaiian. Come back to these lessons periodically as you go through the rest of the course.
Ready? Hoʻomākaukau!

ha ka la ma na pa wa ʻā
he ke le me ne pe we ʻē
hi ki li mi ni pi wi ʻī
ho ko lo mo no po wo ʻō
hu ku lu mu nu pu wu ʻū

hā kā lā mā nā pā wā ʻā
haʻa kaʻa laʻa maʻa naʻa paʻa waʻa ʻaʻa
hae kae lae mae nae pae wae ʻae
haʻe kaʻe laʻe maʻe naʻe paʻe waʻe aʻe
hai kai lai mai nai pai wai ʻai
haʻi kaʻi laʻi maʻi naʻi paʻi waʻi aʻi
hao kao lao mao nao pao wao ʻao
haʻo kaʻo laʻo maʻo naʻo paʻo waʻo aʻo
hau kau lau mau nau pau wau ʻau
haʻu kaʻu laʻu maʻu naʻu paʻu wau aʻu

hea kea lea mea nea pea wea ʻea
heʻa keʻa leʻa meʻa neʻa peʻa weʻa eʻa
hē kē lē mē nē pē wē ʻē
heʻe keʻe leʻe meʻe neʻe peʻe weʻe ʻeʻe
hei kei lei mei nei pei wei ʻei
heʻi keʻi leʻi meʻi neʻi peʻi weʻi eʻi
heo keo leo meo neo peo weo ʻeo
heʻo keʻo leʻo meʻo neʻo peʻo weʻo eʻo
heu keu leu meu neu peu weu ʻeu
heʻu keʻu leʻu meʻu neʻu peʻu weʻu eʻu

hia kia lia mia nia pia wia ʻia
hiʻa kiʻa liʻa miʻa niʻa piʻa wiʻa iʻa
hie kie lie mie nie pie wie ʻie
hiʻe kiʻe miʻe niʻe piʻe wiʻe ʻiʻe
hī kī lī mī nī pī wī ʻī
hiʻi kiʻi liʻi miʻi niʻi piʻi wiʻi ʻiʻi
hio kio lio mio nio pio wio ʻio
hiʻo kiʻo liʻo miʻo niʻo piʻo wiʻo iʻo
hiu kiu liu miu niu piu wiu ʻiu
hiʻu kiʻu liʻu miʻu niʻu piʻu wiʻu iʻu

hoa koa loa moa noa poa woa ʻoa
hoʻa koʻa loʻa moʻa noʻa poʻa woʻa oʻa
hoe koe loe moe noe poe woe ʻoe
hoʻe koʻe loʻe moʻe noʻe poʻe woʻe oʻe
hoi koi loi moi noi poi woi ʻoi
hoʻi koʻi loʻi moʻi noʻi poʻi woʻi oʻi
hō kō lō mō nō pō wō ʻō
hoʻo koʻo loʻo moʻo noʻo poʻo woʻo ʻoʻo
hou kou lou mou nou pou wou ʻou
hoʻu koʻu loʻu moʻu noʻu poʻu woʻu oʻu

hua kua lua mua nua pua wua ʻua
huʻa kuʻa luʻa muʻa nuʻa puʻa wuʻa uʻa
hue kue lue mue nue pue wue ʻue
huʻe kuʻe luʻe muʻe nuʻe puʻe wuʻe uʻe
hui kui lui mui nui pui wui ʻui
huʻi kuʻi luʻi muʻi nuʻi puʻi wuʻi uʻi
huo kuo luo muo nuo puo wuo ʻuo
huʻo kuʻo luʻo muʻo nuʻo puʻo wuʻo uʻo
hū kū lū mū nū pū wū ʻū
huʻu kuʻu luʻu muʻu nuʻu puʻu wuʻu ʻuʻu

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