Passwords and Security

How to generate great passwords that are easy to remember.

Follow these simple guidelines when creating your password – on this site or any other! The goal with your password is (1) to make it hard for other people to guess, and (2) hard for a brute force computer attack to crack, while at the same time (3) making it easy for you to remember and type in!

Many automatic password generators are available that can be used to create secure passwords (, for example). But I think you will find my simple formula easy to use and the passwords easy to remember for you.

Making Secure Passwords

  1. Pick two or three random words that come into your head.
  2. Add a hyphen in between each word.
  3. Add a dot and the year you made the password.
  4. Select one of the words and capitalize it.

You will be guaranteed to have a very strong password right there before you, and it will be easy to type in when you need to log in because you can essentially read it to yourself, unlike some of the crazy passwords other sites recommend like “3.6’2){/P69:Z0z” or “0p0_71M:55,5’ie” (which I really did get from a password generator).

General Guidelines on Word Selection

Please be sure to use a secure password when creating your user account. You are not only going to be protecting yourself, but also all members of ʻŌlelo|Online who could be impacted by spammers or hackers getting into your personal account.

  • Do not use any permutation of your own real name, username, company name, or website name.
  • Use at least two words, in any language or mix of languages.
  • Do not use the same password you use for any other site, especially online banking, facebook, or email!
  • Make passwords at least 12 characters long.
  • Mix alphabetic and numerical characters if you wish. Same with upper- and lower-case.
  • Be creative! Create your own words from two or more unlikely candidates put together! (eg. “boxgrub” or “tindust”)

Resource and Password Strength Check

Here is an excellent resource site for both generating and checking your passwords:

Strength of a password as it is being built
passwordʻŌlelo Online StrengthPassword Meter Strength
grate“very weak”7%

Resetting Or Updating Your Password On ʻŌlelo Online

It is not possible for anyone operating ʻŌlelo Online to see your password. Therefore, if you forget it, you will need to use the “lost your password?” link to reset it. You can also change or update your password at any time by clicking on “Manage Account” after you have logged in. I recommend you change it every couple of years and use the .year identifier I mentioned above to remind you how old your current password is!

The password generator on ʻŌlelo Online features a password strength meter which is shown if you ever decide to change your password. Use it when changing your password to ensure its strength is adequate. For example, “fredlion” is weak (10% strong). “fredlion 2012” is considered better at 60% strong. But “Fred-Lion.2012” would be even better at 100% strong, based on the Guidelines and Strength Meters above.

ʻŌlelo Online’s Password Storage

Security is a priority for ʻŌlelo|Online. All passwords are encrypted in the site database. None of your personal information – including email address – is shared with any third party, nor will it ever be sold. Signups made through PayPal or Stripe are secured by those companies and your payment information is stored with them, not inside ʻŌlelo Online. Please check that your web-browser shows a “lock” icon when you are entering your payment information and/or logging in to PayPal or Stripe. Finally, this entire website has been secured as https as of May 2015, so you can browse safely with end-to-end encryption no matter whose network you may be on.

Thank you for taking the time to keep your account and ʻŌlelo Online secure.

Pane mai

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