Maui Vocabulary

After you have heard these words a few times each, you might want to try to write them down. You should also listen to this section enough so that when you hear the Hawaiian word or words, say the English translation to yourself during the break. Then listen to find out if you got it right.

Letʻs review the vocabulary from this story. Learning all of these vocabulary words is very important, as it is by stringing them together, like separated flowers, that you can make a complete sentence – the completed lei.

Nā ʻōlelo Pōkole, expressions

  • ʻO Maui nō ka ʻoi – Maui is the best
  • i ka wā kahiko – during the ancient times
  • e pili ana – about, connected with, concerning
  • ka ʻaoʻao hikina – the eastern side
  • ka ʻaoʻao komohana – the western side
  • e like me – like
  • mā – when used after a name, it means that person or place and others associated or in the same area.
  • no ka mea – because
  • nā – the (plural) (remember this from disc 1)

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Nā ʻaʻano: Adverbs and Adjectives

  • ikaika – strong
  • hou – new; again
  • paʻakikī – difficult
  • pololei – correct
  • ʻoluʻolu – kind; nice; comfortable

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Nā Inoa: Proper Names

  • Maui – the name of the island
  • Māui – the name of the demigod who, who slowed the sun over Maui island.
  • Haleakalā – the tall mountain dominating the eastern side of the island
  • Pākīpika – Pacific as in Pacific Ocean
  • ʻĀlaka – Alaska
  • Molokini – the crater in the sea a little ways off Maui from Maʻalaea

Here are some place names from around Maui. Repeat after me.

  • Lahaina
  • Kāʻanapali
  • Honokōwai
  • Kahana
  • Nāpili
  • Kapalua
  • ʻĪao
  • Hanakaʻōʻō
  • Launiupoko
  • Honolua
  • Hoʻokipa
  • Haʻikū
  • Kahului
  • Maʻalaea
  • Ukumehame

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Nā Hamani a me nā Hehele: action words

  • huli – to look for
  • ʻōlelo – to speak
  • kū – to stand
  • hoʻomālie – to make mālie or calm
  • kaua – to fight as in battle
  • holo – to run of a person or animal; or to sail as a boat
  • hele – to walk; to go somewhere
  • luʻu kai – to dive in the sea
  • hoʻoholo – to decide to do something
  • hoʻonoho – to sit something in place; to make something to stay
  • lanakila – to win over someone else
  • ʻō koholā – to spear whales
  • makemake – to wish for or want
  • heʻenalu – to surf

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