0602G Kaʻi #2 Lesson Worksheet

PDF Lesson For Kaʻi + Memeʻa Sequences

This lesson accompanies 0602V The Kaʻi Determiners #2: Ka, Ke, which you should watch in conjunction with this lesson. Click on the link below to download the PDF so that you can print it out and use it to write your notes on. Take the examples suggested in point #5 on page two of the PDF and make your own table of kaʻi + memeʻa (article + noun) sequences using the appropriate kaʻi ka or ke. The “ke ao” rule will help you remember which words take ka and which take ke. As with 0601G Kaʻi #1 Introductory Lesson Worksheet, practicing using your kaʻi will be useful to you very soon when you learn how to use pepeke ʻaike sentences in which you say that “something is the something” (like “Nemo is the fish”) and in pepeke painu ʻaʻano sentences in which you can quickly describe something (like “The car is red” or “The boy is happy”). For now, get to this lesson and we will learn those fun pepeke structures soon, when the basics are set!

Next Steps

When you are ready to move on and have completed both the video at 0602V The Kaʻi Determiners #2: Ka, Ke and this PDF worksheet, go on to enjoy 0603V The Kaʻi Determiners #3: Kekahi which will teach you how to say “another”.

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