0606V ʻAmi Particles #1: i, ma

ʻAmi Particles, Part One (i and ma in Pepeke Henua)

You'll want to prepare some paper and a pen for this video, because you'll have ample chance to see how well you do at creating Pepeke Henua (locational sentences) based on the Hawaiian legendary character, Kamapuaʻa, and incorporating what you learn about in this video, which is ʻami-type words.

If you have arrived at this video but do not yet know what a Pepeke Henua is, then you should go to Video V0801 and learn about it first, since it is one of the most basic sentence types in Hawaiian.

This video will be a half-hour long, so make some time for yourself to study this lesson. Perhaps give yourself an hour one day when the rain is pouring outside your window, or when the house is quiet and devoid of distractions, or when the moment strikes you as best. Write down the vocabulary words you learn in this video, and add some of your own from the online Hawaiian dictionary, and then spend a half-hour after the video making your own sentences. If you want to check to see if you got them right, then either record them in your own voice and email them to me, or write them into our Forums, or both!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed recording it. Next up is V0607: ʻAmi, Part II.

aloha nui, Kaliko.

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