0703V Papani Pronouns #2: Kāua and Māua

This lesson continues on from 0702V. The video will teach you about the important Polynesian idea of “inclusivity” versus “exclusivity” used when talking to people. You will learn the first two of these types of pronouns: kāua and māua.

0702V Papani Pronouns #1: Au, ʻOe, ʻO ia

This lesson shows you the first three pronouns (papani) in Hawaiian, those being “I”, “you”, and “he” or “she”. You will learn how to properly pronounce them and about the three common variations in pronunciation of the first person singular pronoun “au” (“wau”).

0801V Pepeke Henua Locational Sentences #1

The Pepeke Henua allows us to express the idea that “something is somewhere”, either in time or space (place). This video will introduce the use of Pepeke Henua to locate something in space (place).

Nonoʻa Possessive Kaʻi #1

In this 16 minute video, you will learn how to use a basic set of special kaʻi which we could call “possessive kaʻi” to say “my”, “your”, “his”, and “her”. These are the words koʻu, kou, and kona.

The Kaʻi Determiners #4: kēlā, kēnā, kēia

Back to the set of videos about the kaʻi determiners! In this 13 minute video you will learn how to say “this”, “that”, and “that close to you” using kēia, kēlā, and kēnā.

ʻAmi Particles #2: me, i, iā

This set of two 22 minute videos will add to your knowledge and ability to use the ʻami particles i and ma (“in / on / at”) in pepeke henua and add to these the ʻami particles (“to a person or place”) and me (“together with”).

ʻAmi Particles #1: i, ma

This video combines your understanding of kaʻi, memeʻa, and iʻoa with the basic pepeke henua (locational) sentence pattern, to allow you to add the third main segment of most Hawaiian sentences: the ʻawe (tail segment). ʻAmi words, also introduced in this video, are one of the most basic and important in all of Hawaiian grammar.

Iʻoa Proper Nouns #1

This 23 minute video lesson introduces a very important type of word: the iʻoa. It is roughly equivalent to a proper noun in English. You will also be ready after this video to go to the first of the 0800 series of videos to learn your first sentence pattern.

Memeʻa Content Words

This is an important video which will teach you the set of words we call memeʻa which contains nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. We call these individual types of words kikino, hamani, hehele, and ʻaʻano. You will use these memeʻa words in combination with kaʻi (from above) to create short complete phrases in Hawaiian.

The Kaʻi Determiners #3: Kekahi

In this third video in the kaʻi series, you will learn how to say “another” or “one” (in Hawaiian Local “Pijin” English) using the word kekahi. You will also learn how to say “yes” and “no” by using ʻae and ʻaʻole.