Nonoʻa Possessive Kaʻi #1

How To Say My, Your, His, Her (koʻu, kou, kona) — Video Lesson 0609V


This 16 minute video will introduce you to the first three possessive kaʻi which you will be using every day you speak Hawaiian! These first three are koʻu, kou, and kona – my, your, and his/her.

Level Check

Even though it is not absolutely required, 0608V The Kaʻi Determiners #4: kēlā, kēnā, kēia might be a good video to watch before this one if you haven’t done so already; it introduces kēlā, kēnā, and kēia. You will want to do 0801V Pepeke Henua Locational Sentences #1 first for certain, however, because weʻll use Pepeke Henua in this video to do some practice.


Although I do not mention it in the video, the real name for possessive kaʻi is kaʻi nonoʻa. If you are studying Hawaiian for a class, then you should probably remember this. Otherwise, you can ignore the terminology for the time-being, and focus on just remembering the words themselves!

Hawaiian possessives have a quality which sets them quite apart from English ones: they come in two “classes”: “a” and “o”. This kinoʻā and kinoʻō concept will be explained in detail in video 0613V (not yet available). For now, however, I will only use the o-class possessives so that we have less to try to understand all at one time. If you learn the o-class possessives well enough, you will find the a-class a breeze!

Be sure to practice these three new kaʻi in your daily lives. You want them in your long-term memory, as soon as possible! :)

Next Steps

Next up will be 0610V Nonoʻa Possessive Kaʻi #2: Dual Possessive Kaʻi (not yet available).

Paʻa ka manaʻo
(the idea is made firm)
– Kaliko

Video Outline

  1. Review of kēlā, kēnāand kēia
  2. Review of Pepeke Henua locational sentences
  3. Introduction to possessive determiners (kaʻi nonoʻa)
  4. koʻu = my
  5. kou = your
  6. kona = his or her
  7. Review and guide to practice
  8. Next Up

Length: 16 minutes

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